Fuel Cards for Fleet Fueling

CityServiceValcon offers a fuel card program through CFN and Pacific Pride franchises creating a trustworthy fuel card system to keep fleet vehicles and equipment fueled up. CFN and Pacific Pride fuel sites can be found across the nation and are convenient, clean, and private stations.

CityServiceValcon fuel cards are available to commercial businesses who consume approximately 250 gallons or more per month. Each account receives personalized support to ensure fuel card program meets their fleet and business needs. This system tracks fuel site location, vehicle fueled, time and date, fuel type, and specific driver transaction identification.

Available to the customer are invoices which showcase fuel purchased. While establishing card limits and other options to eliminate unnecessary fuel purchases and total awareness of employee fueling transactions.

Our services can simplify a bookkeeper’s ability to efficiently track company purchases and state taxes. Our Customer Care Representatives are also readily available to answer account questions, create new cards, invalidate cards, and create meaningful reports.  We also can decrease your paperwork, consolidate your processes, and better secure your transactions.

CityServiceValcon’s comprehensive Fuel Card Program uses CFN and Pacific Pride Fleet Card systems providing you with these benefits:

  • 24/7 access to private fuel stations.
  • Card-specific driver identification numbers (DIN) for added security and fuel tracking.
  • Odometer reporting, tracked by mileage unit.
  • Smartphone site locator applications.
  • Monthly statements to summarize purchases, invoices and payment.
  • Invoices with vehicle description including date, time, and location of each transaction.
  • Taxes separated type and also per state on each invoice.
  • Online access to account documents with option to pay by virtual check.
  • Fueling parameters available to prevent misuse of fueling limits and types.
  • Cardwatch email alerts and e-receipts for fuel purchases.
  • 55,000 Fleetcor fuel sites nationwide.
  • Accepted at alternate Fuelman locations that are not CFN and Pacific Pride stations.

Contact us to discover how using one of the most advanced fueling cards on the market can help you increase your operational effectiveness.  

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