Do you need a reliable partner to deliver fuel to your airport so you can fuel your aircraft? If so, we’ve got you covered.

Our people make the difference. We have the expertise and knowledge to help the experience make your business thrive. We pride ourselves on our efficient and dependable service, providing the highest quality avgas and jet fuel available at the best possible price.

We deliver:

Aviation gasoline,

also known as 100LL or 100 Low Lead

Jet fuel,

or Jet A, with and without additive

Aviation lubricants

Our transport division delivers to a preferred network of customers and distribution partners through multiple loading terminals.  We recently received recognition for over a half-century affiliation with ConocoPhillips. distributing aviation fuel as their reliable partner. 

CityServiceValcon is uniquely qualified to provide regular onsite technical support to small and large businesses, as well as fixed based operators. We offer filters, parts, and other quality control testing equipment in order maintain the highest level of purity in both avgas and jet fuel. We have individuals with highly-specialized training in tank farm planning and support. We even offer extensive knowledge of aviation fuel refueler trucks available for sale, lease or on loan.

We value all of our customer relationships, big or small! We strive to optimize individual business goals through close customer service, superior knowledge and communication. Our employees are committed to excellence -each order is carefully developed through the usage of various suppliers and rack locations. This is how we provide our customers with only the best service and experience.

We work with our highly-trained drivers, as well as a network of carefully selected third-party carriers, to insure avgas and jet fuel deliveries are made not only in a timely manner, but with a superior commitment to safety consciousness.

We offer an online web portal that allows you to login anywhere and securely manage your aviation fuel needs. This cuts out needless paperwork or phone calls. We know your time is valuable. New customers are offered payment and delivery options by a team that is excited to serve. Credit terms are available for qualified customers, but we also accept pre-payment by wire transfer as well.

With over three decades of distributing aviation fuel under our belts, we have the experience you need to feel secure. We are large enough to meet your needs, no matter what they are. We also pride ourselves on our quick and efficient service, always with a smile.

Looking to open an account? Whether you are looking for 100 Low Lead or other jet fuels, you need not look any further. Big or small, we service them all! Click here to find out how. Then give us a call!

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