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CityServiceValcon is quickly spreading as one of the major logistics and delivery industry leaders in the United States. If you intend to do business with a robust energy company, you have found the right people.

In business since 1932 our mission continues to escalate quality and service with a leading edge in professional etiquette, technology, and resources. As a preeminent distributor of energy products in your area we will provide optimal outcomes for your fuel, propane, or lubricant needs.

Having been part of the community for so long, we pride ourselves on our ongoing mission to provide outstanding service and top quality energy products in a professional and profitable manner. We are the preeminent distributor of energy products to your location.

7 Operating Principles

We believe in 7 specific operating principles that are the foundation of our mission.

Honesty and Integrity:

In today’s fast-paced world it is easy for businesses to compromise on principles to save money. Rest assured we have your best interests in mind. The fact is, we put people first and take pride in caring for their accounts.

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Our Goals

Provide quality in service and products. 

Develop strong teams to exceed expectations.

Support positive growth in our communities.

Vision Statement

We aspire to be the most respected marketer in the region.


We will work as a team to provide innovative services and quality products to our customers.


We strive to grow and expand our business through core values of honesty and integrity which allows development and cultivation of profitability and maintaining a strong capital foundation.


We will create a safe and healthy environment for our employees in which they feel valued and can pursue their personal growth and career objectives.


We seek to contribute in a positive way to the communities we serve by staying true to our core values.


Additionally, we want to take a moment to thank the community we serve. Without all of you, our friends, our family, and our neighbors, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

CityServiceValcon is proud serve in local community groups.  We have employees who volunteer regularly, coach sport teams, and serve on the boards of local businesses. The work we do in the community is perhaps our greatest asset.
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Fuel, Propane, and Lubricants

Is a fuel cell revolution right around the corner?
As the worldwide energy demand continues to increase, companies, governments, and organizations have been making big strides in commercializing efficient and “cleaner” energy sources.

One such energy source is the fuel cell. But what exactly is a fuel cell?

Essentially, a fuel cell is a device that converts chemical energy into electricity through electro-chemical interactions. Fuel cells have been at the top of researchers’ minds because they promise a high energy-conversion rate at a low operating temperature.

A basic fuel cell is comprised of two electrodes – an anode and a cathode. An electrolyte is used to facilitate the movement of a charged particle between both electrodes.

Yet, fuel cells still haven’t become mainstream. Why is that?

The problem facing fuel cell researchers and manufacturers lies in what is called the “fuel cell efficiency aggregation.” Without getting too deep into the technical weeds, this essentially means that the electro-catalyst used suffers a loss of activity due to aggregation and bleeds energy as the charged particle makes its way between electrodes.

Yet new research points to a way of overcoming that challenge. In a recent paper published in Particle & Particle Systems Characterization, researchers at the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have effectively shown that there is a way to prevent aggregation and energy loss.

The researchers used a single nano-tube housed within a carbon shell – seriously advanced chemical research, no doubt. When encapsulated in a carbon shell, the charged nano-particle does not interact with the substrate surface.

When researchers changed the thickness of the carbon shell, they were able to reproduce different – yet enhanced – effects within the nano-particle.

Fuel cells come with significant environmental benefits and a level of portability that cannot be afforded to traditionally-fueled vehicles. Research like this points to their increasing viability in the transportation ecosystem of the future.

It’s exciting to see what technology will bring to the future of fuel. CityServiceValcon will continue to use the most up-to-date processes in the industry to bring you the best fuel possible. After all, fuel is the name of our game.

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