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CityServiceValcon is quickly spreading as one of the major logistics and delivery industry leaders in the United States. If you intend to do business with a robust energy company, you have found the right people.

In business since 1932 our mission continues to escalate quality and service with a leading edge in professional etiquette, technology, and resources. As a preeminent distributor of energy products in your area we will provide optimal outcomes for your fuel, propane, or lubricant needs.

Having been part of the community for so long, we pride ourselves on our ongoing mission to provide outstanding service and top quality energy products in a professional and profitable manner. We are the preeminent distributor of energy products to your location.

7 Operating Principles

We believe in 7 specific operating principles that are the foundation of our mission.

Honesty and Integrity:

In today’s fast-paced world it is easy for businesses to compromise on principles to save money. Rest assured we have your best interests in mind. The fact is, we put people first and take pride in caring for their accounts.

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Our Goals

Provide quality in service and products. 

Develop strong teams to exceed expectations.

Support positive growth in our communities.

Vision Statement

We aspire to be the most respected marketer in the region.


We will work as a team to provide innovative services and quality products to our customers.


We strive to grow and expand our business through core values of honesty and integrity which allows development and cultivation of profitability and maintaining a strong capital foundation.


We will create a safe and healthy environment for our employees in which they feel valued and can pursue their personal growth and career objectives.


We seek to contribute in a positive way to the communities we serve by staying true to our core values.


Additionally, we want to take a moment to thank the community we serve. Without all of you, our friends, our family, and our neighbors, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

CityServiceValcon is proud serve in local community groups.  We have employees who volunteer regularly, coach sport teams, and serve on the boards of local businesses. The work we do in the community is perhaps our greatest asset.
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Articles and Happenings



Fuel, Propane, and Lubricants

So much for that new jet fuel
Although aviation is one of the few industries that has committed collectively to long-term emissions cuts, the low price of oil has been acting as a disincentive for investment in alternative fuels.

The aviation industry already uses several alternative jet fuels, most of which are biofuels. As the demand for international travel rises, the oil price remains tamped down. Conventional jet fuel continues to look like the more attractive option.

Some airlines and airports are testing different alternative jet fuel mixes, and though research continues, it is unlikely the economies of scale will look favorably on more widespread adoption.

Around 2% of jet fuels in use today are comprised of alternative fuels. While 25 airlines are operating trials using jet fuel mixed with sustainable alternatives, energy companies still have little incentive to put their weight in dollars behind alternative fuel research.

Also hampering efforts are the production questions surrounding alternative jet fuels. These liquids require strict production quality and safety standards, including low temperature storage.

There is also the matter of the ‘food versus fuel’ debate. While alternative jet fuels are dropped into mixes on a tiny scale, if you scale up, questions of sustainability over the long-term arise.

As the aviation fuel market evolves, surely the price of oil will be a large determinant in alternative fuels catching on and having long-term success.

Ant venom as fuel?
We all know it. While fossil fuels have powered a century and fueled a level of growth never before seen in humankind, they are not an infinite resource. It doesn’t really matter what side of the climate change debate you land on, the simple fact is, fossil fuels won’t last forever.

That’s why, here at the CityServiceValcon Blog, we make sure to keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest in fuel information, news and latest research. Today, we’re going to revisit the most recent advance in ‘green’ fuel research.

The ‘green’ fuel spotlight up until now has been on hydrogen. While battery-powered technologies are making big inroads, we’re a fuel services company, so we report on fuel rather than batteries (though the line these days is blurring).

Students at the University of Technology in the Netherlands have created the world’s first bus that runs on formic acid. That’s right, the substance that delivers the “Ouch!” when an ant or a bee stings you might also be the world’s next most-promising biofuel.

The great thing about this development is that formic acid is far cheaper than both oil and hydrogen (the other main ‘green’ fuel), but delivers essentially the same environmental benefits. Just like hydrogen, formic acid releases both water and carbon dioxide when emitted, except here there is one key difference.

Formic acid releases far LESS carbon dioxide than hydrogen. So much less, in fact, that the amount released would be on par with the amount taken from the atmosphere to produce the fuel. Meaning? No net increases in emissions. Formic acid can also be used as a generator fuel and contribute to a ‘green’ grid in a number of other ways.

So, might you one day find us delivering you a fresh, new supply of formic acid? If it’s on the market and you need it to power your equipment or vehicles, you can assume we’ll be on top of it for you.

Is a fuel cell revolution right around the corner?
As the worldwide energy demand continues to increase, companies, governments, and organizations have been making big strides in commercializing efficient and “cleaner” energy sources.

One such energy source is the fuel cell. But what exactly is a fuel cell?

Essentially, a fuel cell is a device that converts chemical energy into electricity through electro-chemical interactions. Fuel cells have been at the top of researchers’ minds because they promise a high energy-conversion rate at a low operating temperature.

A basic fuel cell is comprised of two electrodes – an anode and a cathode. An electrolyte is used to facilitate the movement of a charged particle between both electrodes.

Yet, fuel cells still haven’t become mainstream. Why is that?

The problem facing fuel cell researchers and manufacturers lies in what is called the “fuel cell efficiency aggregation.” Without getting too deep into the technical weeds, this essentially means that the electro-catalyst used suffers a loss of activity due to aggregation and bleeds energy as the charged particle makes its way between electrodes.

Yet new research points to a way of overcoming that challenge. In a recent paper published in Particle & Particle Systems Characterization, researchers at the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have effectively shown that there is a way to prevent aggregation and energy loss.

The researchers used a single nano-tube housed within a carbon shell – seriously advanced chemical research, no doubt. When encapsulated in a carbon shell, the charged nano-particle does not interact with the substrate surface.

When researchers changed the thickness of the carbon shell, they were able to reproduce different – yet enhanced – effects within the nano-particle.

Fuel cells come with significant environmental benefits and a level of portability that cannot be afforded to traditionally-fueled vehicles. Research like this points to their increasing viability in the transportation ecosystem of the future.

It’s exciting to see what technology will bring to the future of fuel. CityServiceValcon will continue to use the most up-to-date processes in the industry to bring you the best fuel possible. After all, fuel is the name of our game.

Congratulations to Kalispell’s “20 under 40″
After recently taking a moment to congratulate our very own Dallas Herron on winning the Phillips 66 Lifetime Achievement Award, we wanted to take a moment to also recognize those within our community.

We’re proud to be a big part of the community here in Kalispell, Montana, and it’s our privilege to share the wonderful things going on up here – including some talented people deserving of the honors they are receiving.

Today, we honor Flathead Valley’s most accomplished young professionals. A recent Chamber of Commerce luncheon drew 300 people to shine a spotlight on a large number of worthy young men and women, our very own “20 under 40″.

Overall, more than 130 nominations were submitted, and a total of 99 different young professionals were up for an award. The selection committee included a panel of eight judges, and it was this panel that had the difficult job of narrowing these worthy 99 down to a list of 20.

We couldn’t put it much better than Daily Inter Lake Publisher Rick Weaver did when he said, “There are so many shining stars in the young professional community and we are honored to be able to highlight their accomplishments.” He also went on to point out that the nominees represent a mere one-tenth of one percent of the county’s population.

“In looking at the nominations and the top vote-getters we have reason to be very proud of their accomplishments and we can rest easy that the future of our valley is in good hands.”

Curious about who made the list? Perhaps you know someone on it! Simply click or tap here to view the full list of those recognized as the Kalispell’s inaugural “20 under 40″.

A huge congratulations to our very own Dallas Herron!
Although most of you already know by now, we wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to our very own Chairman of the Board and CityServiceValcon majority owner Dallas Herron on recently being presented with a Phillips 66 Lifetime Achievement Award!

Dallas received his award in Las Vegas during a recent Phillips 66 meeting. For those of us who were fortunate enough to be there, it was such a proud moment, not just for us, but for the entire company.

Also in attendance were over 1,000 of our industry peers as Dallas was recognized for nearly five decades of service to the industry.

The award is intended for a person who has:

  • Professionally and/or personally dedicated a lifetime of efforts to the business, industry or organization.
  • Been recognized in the industry for their active participation and impact on the industry over an extended period of time./

The fact is, CityServiceValcon wouldn’t be where we are today without the tireless work that Dallas has done bringing our company to a point where we are true industry leaders.

And to all of those within the company that make us who we are, Dallas would like to send his sincerest “thank you” on down the line.

Whether it be in our work with partners, vendors, or customers, it is our commitment to excellence that puts us on another level when compared to our competition. Dallas accepted this award, but of course, his CityServiceValcon family was always in his mind.

Again, congratulations Dallas. We appreciate you for all your years of service to this company, our jobs, families and lives.

To see the awesome video they played at the presentation, click or tap here.

The history of the hydrometer
Do you know that here at CityServiceValcon we utilize hydrometers in our fuel monitoring process? A hydrometer is just one of many tools that we use to bring you state-of-the-art fuel monitoring and transportation logistics management.

But do you actually know what a hydrometer is? Let’s explore a little history of these useful devices:

The hydrometer was first theorized by the Greek scholar Hypatia of Alexandria sometime between the late 4th and early 5th century. Amazing, isn’t it? The concept of this device has been around for a long time, even if it’s gone through a number of iterations and evolved significantly over time.

Specifically, a hydrometer is an instrument that measures the relative density of a liquid. Of course, there are many different kinds of hydrometers calibrated to a number of different uses, but the principle operation of the device is based on the Archimedes’ principle, which, according to Encyclopedia Brittannica, states that:

Any body completely or partially submerged in a fluid (gas or liquid) at rest is acted upon by an upward, or buoyant, force the magnitude of which is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the body.

In essence, the lower the density of a substance, the farther down a hydrometer will sink. Using the simple principle of flotation, this is how we use the device to monitor fuel tank levels.

The fact is, here at CityServiceValcon, we employ all the latest technologies to keep your fuel levels where they need to be, 24/7, with minimal intervention on your behalf.

Want to find out more? Stop on by our website or pay us a visit at any one of our locations throughout the region.

The shale battle moves to Argentina
Have you heard? Some of the largest oil companies in the world are trying to get first dibs on the global shale industry, this time in burgeoning Argentina.

The U.S. fracking boom continues unabated, but it has already started to become dominated by smaller players. In response to this, some of the larger companies in the business are turning their eyes to Argentina as the next great shale expansion opportunity.

That doesn’t mean they won’t face a number of challenges. First and foremost, costs to extract this precious resource are far higher in Argentina than they are here in the United States. However, that isn’t deterring large companies from setting their sights on places like the Vaca Muerta plains, a dusty stretch of land that holds the key to shale resources that could rival some of the most productive regions in the United States. In fact, according to a May 2017 article in the Wall Street Journal, Shell has already developed a treatment plan designed to process up to 10,000 barrels a day.

Here in the United States, “refiners are turning crude oil into gasoline and diesel at the highest rate in at least 34 years” according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. This is driving down oil prices, and creating a surplus of gasoline inventory in a time of year when inventories typically begin to decline.

We’re watching this news very closely. An oil surplus generated by additional new expansions can mean great things for our customers. The marinas, farms, convenience stores, and airports we service benefit from the savings that come from a drop in oil prices, and this is on top of the savings we are able to provide by offering bulk and wholesale options.

In a time of year where tourism and great weather have more people traveling on the road and in the skies, our dependable fleet of transport trucks arrive on time, providing dependable services you can trust. We’re the experts when it comes to keeping your operations up and running smoothly, which means staying on top of industry news and taking advantage of new developments that benefit you, our customer.

Why you should be using our fuel card program
Are you stuck in the past trying to track driver receipts by hand, using outdated methods that only make your job harder and give your back-office workers a headache?

If so, it’s time to consider switching to CityServiceValcon’s fuel card program.

Through our program, you can keep your fleet vehicles and important equipment fueled up and ready to go without having to mess with credit cards or a stack of paper receipts.

If you are a commercial business who consumes 250 gallons of fuel or more per month, then our card is for you. You can expect to receive a high level of support that you just wouldn’t get with other similar programs.

Our fuel card program allows you to track:

  • Fuel site locations
  • Which vehicle has been fueled
  • Time and date
  • Type of fuel used
  • Which driver made the transaction

Not only does our program track this information for you, but we provide it back to you in the form of an easy-to-read report. Trust us, your back-office bookkeeper will thank you.

Whether you need to get a new card, remove a card from circulation, or ask questions, our friendly staff is always here to help. The fact is, our fuel card saves you time and simplifies your transactions.

And don’t worry, our fuel card program is accepted at over 40,000 Fleetcor fuel sites nationwide. Even if there are no CFN or Pacific Pride stations in a particular area, our cards are also accepted at specific Fuelman locations.

Want more information how our fleet fueling solutions can work for you? Contact us today!

The many ways we work for you
When it comes to ensuring your operation stays up-and-running with as little hiccups as possible, it’s crucial that you can count on a fuel services and logistics provider that’s been in business for long time. Fortunately, that’s us.

We offer solutions for almost every petroleum product marketing and distribution need you could imagine. The fact is, there’s a reason we’ve been in business for three-quarters of a century. As others come and go, CityServiceValcon remains a constant, even in an uncertain economy where fuel prices can fluctuate at the drop of a hat.

Since we specialize in bulk fuel delivery, we offer a level of flexibility you simply can’t get doing business with “the other guys.”

Considering we have been operating in your neighborhood for so long, our network has been long established, our routes well-traveled, and our logistics management second-to-none.

We run a fleet of advanced commercial motor vehicles packed with the latest equipment and technology. We keep all the important things in mind, such as the ELD-Mandate coming into effect in December, which we will give you will the details on in our next blog post.

Just know this: whatever your fuel service, logistics, or transportation needs, we’ve got you covered, and we’ve had you covered for a long time. At CityServiceValcon, long-term relationships are important! We like to know our customers on a first-name basis become their lifetime supplier. So step out from the corporate cold and work with a company who is local at heart and will welcome you into our family with warmth, top notch customer service, and quality products at prices that can’t be beat.

How comprehensive is your oil analysis program?
As a CityServiceValcon customer, you may operate heavy machinery during your day-to-day operations. If so, your heavy equipment is an asset to your company, and deserves the highest level of care.

With that in mind, do you rely solely on preventative maintenance and ongoing oil analysis to keep your heavy machinery in good working order? If so, you aren’t doing enough. The fact is, these activities on their own do not constitute an effective machinery maintenance program.

To effectively ensure your equipment stays in the best possible shape, you need to be well-versed on proper lubrication strategies for your heavy machinery, from large earth movers to various excavator types.

The key to ensuring you avoid a critical failure on one of your pieces of expensive equipment is to develop a machine-specific test designed to alert you if there is a problem. You should never follow a one-size-fits-all approach.

First, gather oil samples to develop a baseline reference. Utilize a test slate to determine viscosity, acid number, moisture, and oxidation. Do a weekly sample so that you can develop a “normal” baseline on density data.

This type of rigorous testing is especially important when new oil is added. Additives tend to attach themselves to machinery components rather than stay suspended in oil. Therefore, repeated testing is not overkill.

Consider that a new gearbox on a heavy earth mover can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and it isn’t hard to see how a three or four thousand dollar oil change because of a bad analysis result isn’t that big of a deal.

Whether you are running large or normal-sized machinery, it is vitally important to know exactly what’s going on, beyond just simple oil checks and preventative maintenance. Doing this will ensure your equipment will last a long, long time.